Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Changing SAS Background Color

To change the background color in SAS, there are several required steps. This tutorial is written for SAS 9.2.

First, change the background color of the log window. Navigate to Tools -> Options -> Colors...
Click background, then click on the color you would like to change the background to. Then click save, then click ok. The color change will not occur until you reopen the log window. Close the log window, then go to View -> Log. Your log window should now be in the color you chose.

To change the background of the Enhanced Editor, you need to open a program file and have that as the active window. Then go to Tools -> Options -> Enhanced Editor...
When the window opens, click the "Appearance" tab. Under the "File Elements" section, you will need to change the background color separately for the following items: comments, normal text. Click OK and you should be set.

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